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Long Island Luxury Picnics is a luxury picnic service that helps you provide the perfect picnic at a location of your choosing. We provide an elegant set up and clean up for any occasion. We provide tables, blankets, pillows, dishware, etc. We are dedicated to creating beautiful picnic experiences that you'll cherish for years to come.

Long Island Luxury Picnics was founded to bring people together. Everyday celebrations are the best way to make memories. Whether it’s lunch with friends or a special date night, we want to make it memorable.

  • Do you provide food and beverages?
    One gourmet fruit board and complimentary water are included in all of our picnic packages. Upon request and availability, this can be substituted.
  • How many people can fit per table?
    4-5 people can comfortably fit at each table. We can accommodate more than five in our multiple table picnic packages.
  • How much does it cost?
    Pricing depends on your picnic needs! Please review our packages and let us know which one best fits your occasion. Once you pick a day and time for your picnic, we will have you pay your deposit on the package of your choosing.
  • What locations do we have to choose from?
    We serve all of Long Island. Parks and beaches are the most common locations for picnics. We also do backyard picnics and private parties.
  • What's our weather policy?
    The only downside to this incredible business is that we are, unfortunately, very dependent on weather. In the event of inclement weather, we can either opt to move your picnic indoors at the original date and time or work together to find a new date/time for your picnic party.
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